National Bowel Cancer Screening: Got the kit? Just do it!

Australia has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world. That is 1 in 23 Australians! Fortunately, we have a simple screening test. This is called the Faecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT). However, only a 39% of Australians who receive the free kit use it. The...

Travel Vaccines

We provide comprehensive vaccination services. Childhood vaccines are provided free by the Department of Health. Some adult vaccines are also for free to high risk groups eg. fluvax for over 65’s.

Allied Health

The GDMC team are proud to welcome Dr David Turner, Tracey Fleischner and Stacey Miller to the GDMC team.​ Visit about page to find out more information on our new staff and their working...

New Team Members

Glenorie District Medical Centre welcomes 3 new permanent GPs. They are Dr Belinda Lorenzo, Dr Sheila Lorenzo and Dr Lin Ye.